BJP blames Congress for Maharashtra violence

Special Correspondent

State government deliberately delayed action: Javadekar

Bid to divide Maharashtrian, non-Maharashtrian votes: BJP

“Why has Congress not snapped its ties with MNS?”

NEW DELHI: The Bharatiya Janata Party on Wednesday faulted the Congress government for the violence in Maharashtra over the last 10 days, leading to the arrest of Maharashtra Navnirman Sena chief Raj Thackeray and hundreds of others.

Party spokesman Prakash Javadekar alleged that the State government deliberately delayed taking any action when the attacks on north Indians began in Mumbai.

“The situation was allowed to deteriorate and spread to several cities in the State when it could have been brought under control by the police within a day. At any time there were only small groups of five to 20 persons involved in the acts of violence and assault. The police did not resort to even a mild lathi charge anywhere.”

Mr. Javadekar suspected that the Congress had a strategy to divide Maharashtrian and non-Maharashtrian votes, create a feeling of insecurity among non-Maharashtrians in the hope that they would vote for the Congress.

He said the Congress had neither announced a break in its alliance with the MNS at the local body level, nor given any assurance that it would snap all ties with it.

“Diverting attention”

He blamed the Congress for allowing the fire to burn to divert attention from problems such as the agrarian crisis and load-shedding. He said the BJP had already clarified its view: “India is one and every Indian has a right to settle down and work in any part of the country.”

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