Again Champion Nirman IAS

“The Result of Civil Services 2008 conducted by UPSC was declared recently and the top three position was captured by women. Shubhra Saxena an IIT Rourkee alumni topped while Sharandeep kaur Brar came second and Kiran Kaushal was ranked third.”

According to Mr. Kamal Dev (Director, NIRMAN IAS INSTITUTE) an expert for guidance in History and General Studies, the trend for humanities subjects like History, Public Administration, Sociology, Geography, Hindi Literature and Philosophy has been increasing over the years and students of various streams and even Doctor and Engineers are opting for such subject. Earlier graduates from IIT and other technical institute preferred Math and Physics but this has seen a downward trend.

History is doing extremely well if the writing is done in an analytical method, This year more than 25 students with History as optional subject from the institute have been selected in Civil Services.

Mr. Kamal Dev emphasized that the charm for the Civil Services which was said to be declaring in the era of economic liberalization has in fact increased over the year and more people are opting for it. People having worked in multinational companies and private organization are interested in joining the civil services.

As student of different streams are taking humanities as optional the precise guidance is an important aspect. The change in stream required specific effort to complete the vast subject in time as well as change of attitude.

These are numbers of good quality institute which have been instrumental in the success of the candidates and shaping their future.

The Institute which was established in 2007 and within a short span of two years it has more than 75 selections in the Civil Services. Last year both top ranker with Hindi medium Saroj Kumar (22nd Rank) and Neelima ((23rd Rank) are affiliated with Nirman. This year Bhanu (33rd rank) Abhishek (48th rank) Avinish Sharan (77th rank) and Kumar Pal (81st rank) are affiliated with Nirman. The General Studies faculty of the institute has helped in obtaining high marks for their students which was instrumental in their high rank. The above students also recognizes the teams contribution.

This year NIRMAN is also starting its English medium batch for General Studies from June 2009 with same commitment.

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