AIFB leader clarifies remarks on Buddhadeb

Marcus Dam

Kolkata: Veteran leader and general secretary of the State committee of the All-India Forward Bloc Ashok Ghosh claimed here on Thursday that the views expressed by him on the police firing in Nandigram on March 14, 2007 were distorted by a section of media with an intention to create discord within the constituents of the Left Front.

Mr. Ghosh was quoted to have said at a press meet here earlier this week that the firing was under the instructions of Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee who had admitted so and expressed his regrets subsequently. Fourteen persons were killed in the police firing and subsequent violence in Nandigram that day.

“We in the Left Front have full faith in each other [constituents] as well as in the Chief Minister,” Mr. Ghosh, one of the senior-most leaders of the Left Front, said in a statement.

“What had been attributed to me by a section of the media [in regard to his utterances on Nandigram] is not true,” he asserted.

“It is true that differences had cropped up on occasions within the Left Front partners on issues relating to Nandigram and Singur. But of greater importance is that we in the Left Front have, at different stages, openly discussed such issues and taken corrective measures when felt necessary,” Mr. Ghosh said.“Whenever there has been a fault on the part of the administration, the Chief Minister has, in all cases, expressed his deep regrets through statements. What has been important for the Left Front is to have admitted its mistakes and to have moved ahead having learnt its lesson,” he added.“We have, through this process, resolved issues related to the acquisition of land for industry and those pertaining to compensation and rehabilitation policies for the affected peasants,” Mr. Ghosh said.

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