7 Indians held in Thailand on forgery charges

BANGKOK APRIL 9. Thai police have arrested seven Indians and a Thai woman on charges of forging official documents that could be used to apply for Thai citizenship, reports said here.

A Thai consular official said the fake documents were used to register marriages with Thai women allowing the foreigners to later seek Thai citizenship, the Nation said.

According to police, Dinesh Yadav, one of the arrested, used to approach potential Indian customers in Songhkla area in Thailand. Later, two of his friends based in another area would produce fake statements about the customers' marital status.

The men were allegedly paid 200 baht (about Rs. 220) for a document. One of them would then stamp the documents with fake Indian Embassy stamp and charge his customers between 4,000 and 5,000 baht.

According to the daily, a marriage registration could allow a foreigner to live and work in Thailand, provided he/she renewed his/her visa every year. After five years, the person was eligible to apply for Thai citizenship.