19 babies die in Bankura, Malda hospitals

The spectre of infant deaths continued to haunt government hospitals in West Bengal, with 19 cases reported in Malda and Bankura over the past two days. While nine infants died in the Malda Medical College and Hospital, 10 children were reported dead in the Bankura Sammilani Medical College and Hospital. The babies who died in the Bankura hospital were “suffering from pneumonia and birth asphyxia, while some had low birth weight,” superintendent Panchanan Kundu said.

He said the hospital had to accommodate 149 babies in a facility where arrangements were available only for 57. Several cases were being referred to the hospital from Purulia, Bardhaman and other parts of Bankura district.

M.A. Rashid, vice-principal of the Malda Medical College and Hospital, said all nine babies who died in the facility were aged between 15 days and one-year.

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