‘Urban planning kept the peace in Harappa’

Ensuring efficient water supply and sewerage for every city can reduce conflicts, says Indus Valley Civilisation expert Jonathan Mark Kenoyer, who believes the strategy is an important lesson to be learnt from the Harappans.

“If every city has a good water system and proper sewage treatment and good drainage, then there will be less conflict. That is what the Harappans did,” Mr. Kenoyer said. He was at the Indian Museum for a lecture on recent research on the Indus Valley Civilisation.

He displayed photographs of sump pots and latrines built one above the other at Harappa to show the importance of urban planning in the ancient cities that flourished from 2600 BCE to 1900 BCE.

“The concept of cleanliness and wells and drains is not so much about hygiene but conflict avoidance. So this is a strategy (of the Harappans) to keep people from fighting each other. So if everybody has clean, proper toilets and drainage, then people won’t be fighting about these kind of things,” he added. — IANS

Indus Valley civilisation expert says efficient water supply and sewerage can keep out conflict