Young World Quiz (July 07, 2001)


1. This year's 'The Championships' at Wimbledon is drawing to a close. Who was the first men's singles champion?

2. In mythology, what would happen if one looked at a Gorgon?

3. Music. The A-flat key on a piano is also known as the?

4. BTU is a term for quantity of heat. Expand BTU.

5. From which country does India's First Lady, Ms. Usha Narayanan hail?

6. Who is said to have fiddled (played the violin) while Rome burnt?

7. Which religious figure was born in Talwandi in 1469?

8. Which famous literary siblings had the first names Wilhelm Karl and Jacob Ludwig?

9. Which is the only Asian country to be a member of the influential United Nations Security Council?

10. Which is the world's highest capital city?

11. Which lake did the building of the Aswan High Dam, on the Nile, create?

12. Of which metal is malachite an ore?

13. If an unmarried man is called a bachelor, what is an unmarried woman called?

14. The "Bombay duck" is not a duck. What is it?

15. Harry Potter time. Expand S.P.E.W.