Water treatment plant set up in Cubbon Park

Staff Reporter

BANGALORE: A water treatment plant in Cubbon Park became operational on Friday.

When fully operational, over 15 lakh litres of treated water will be produced from the plant. Around 10 lakh litres of water will be pumped from a reservoir to a sprinkler system fitted at the 250-acre park and the additional five lakh litres will be sold to the Karnataka State Cricket Association, M.N. Vidyashankar, Commissioner of Bangalore Development Authority (BDA), said on Saturday. The BDA has taken up the project at a cost of Rs. 10.5 crores.

Mr. Vidyashankar said the plant will start working to its full capacity in a few weeks.

Sewage collected from the Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board pipes will be treated at a facility near Cubbon Park and the treated water will than be used to water the park area.

"The membrane technology can filter 70 per cent of the viruses in the treated sewage. It completely filters all the bacteria, grit and floating particles," Mr. Vidyashankar said.

The system for water treatment and its distribution has also been computerised so that the sprinkler to water the gardens is operated on timer mode.

The sprinkler system is modelled after the one in the Bangalore Golf Course so that it can be operated early in the morning and late at night after all offices close.

Apart from making Cubbon Park self-sufficient in water, the BDA also plans to give the area a facelift. It plans to erect new pathways and put up more lights along them to make it safer for pedestrians.

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