Wahid asks supporters to remain calm

SINGAPORE, APRIL 29. The Indonesian President, Mr. Abdurrahman Wahid, today called upon thousands of his supporters in the Nadhlatul Ulama (NU) not to indulge in violent acts which would discredit the organisation.

Mr. Wahid, who was addressing thousands of his supporters a day before the House of Representatives (DPR) is scheduled to issue a second memorandum of censure against him, has come under tremendous pressure from his political opponents.

The President's supporters have come to the capital in Jakarta ahead of the DPR meet. Violence from the NU men was feared, but apart from a minor blast which injured seven of the President's supporters, the capital city has so far been quiet.

``We are strong and we will not surrender to anyone,'' Mr. Wahid was quoted as telling NU activists today.

Warning against violence, he said: ``We are strong and because we are strong, we must not engage in childish acts. Only the weak resort to childish acts''.

``We are here to pray, not to cause damage. We are here to pray so that we can make our country better, to make ours a great country, to provide justice and welfare for all,'' he said.

``Go home and do not cause damage to any assets of both Muslim and non-Muslim organisations,'' he said, adding there were provocators at work who wanted to provoke NU members into committing violent acts.

``Go home and let's see what others do,'' Mr. Wahid said in an apparent reference to the likely second censure move by the DPR or lower House of Parliament tomorrow.

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