Sun sign Virgo (Aug. 22 to Sept. 22)

This week's opposition between intense Pluto and optimistic Jupiter is going to centre on issues between work and home. Things are happening for you at work and this is likely to be a very exciting time. However, something at home keeps pulling you back and perhaps even making you feel guilty about all the energy you are dedicating to your career right now. My advice is, confront the issue head on. It's the only way to make the situation any better.

Moon in KANYA (Stars - the last three quarters of Uttaraphalguni, Hashta and the first two quarters of Chitta)

Politicians, students, commission traders and professionals register sound performance. Realtors will grow, but a little slowly. Financial management should be fairly easy. Colleagues, friends and relatives will co-operate. Some households will welcome a new-born and hold auspicious ceremonies. Businesspersons should keep their accounts in order.

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