USA-2 and Norway to fight for Bermuda Bowl

CHENNAI, NOV. 1. USA-2 and Norway will clash in the final of the World bridge championship for the Bermuda Bowl, being played in Paris.

In the Venice Cup final, Germany will meet France. Germany prevailed over Austria 240-207 in one semifinal while France overwhelmed USA-2 261-148 in the other.

Both finals will be played over three days from today, in eight sessions of 16 boards, according to a Chennai DBA press release here on Thursday.

In the Bermuda Bowl semifinal, at the end of four rounds, Italy trailed Norway by 46 International Match points, but winning the fifth session 53-34, it reduced the deficit to 27 IMPs. Norway's lead mounted to 46 IMPs at the halfway stage of the sixth round but Italy fought back to close it to 8 with one board to go. In a dramatic finish, Norway avoided a tie (which would have pushed the competition to extra boards) by winning the final board.

In the other match, Poland clawed back from a deficit of 23 IMPs at the end of the fourth round to make it 13 IMPs by winning the fifth round (33-23). However, USA-2 won the last round in the final session (24-1) to emerge a clear winner with 36 IMPs.

Meltzer in record books

Reaching the final ensured a place in the history books for American Rose Meltzer, who became the first woman in an open event to reach the final in the modern era.

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