U.N observer apologises

NEW DELHI, NOV. 1. After stoking a controversy with his unusual statement on the Kashmir issue, the United Nations chief military observer, Major General Hermann K. Loidolt, today expressed `sincerest apology' for his `misbehavior' in making political comments on Jammu and Kashmir.

In a letter sent to the Director-General (Military Operations), he said ``I deeply regret that this incident caused some discomfort. It was not intended to blame someone on something''. The apology comes three days after the remarks of the head of the United Nations military observer group in India and Pakistan (UNOGIP) made in Srinagar created a flutter when he said the U.S. might have to involve itself to resolve the vexed Kashmir issue.

Gen. Loidolt said ``if I had violated any existing regulations, I am sorry for that. I can assure you I have learned the lesson and that will never happen again''.


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