Trophy time for tinseldom

HEY RAM ``is not an attempt to gain recognition,'' said Kamal Hassan in his very attractive CD released to the press. Never mind what he thought, Hey Ram has got its quota of the limelight as much as it has stirred up controversy.

Now, however, it is bouquet time. The Filmfare (South) awards have been announced and guess who's the best actor? After this prelude it should be easy, but for those who have not figured it out yet, Kamal Hassan will pick up his 19th Filmfare Statuette on April 4, this year.

Snapshots from the `tumultuous tides of Indian history' and glimpses of yesterday, in addition to a hotly debated controversy on religious fanaticism probably got Filmfare reading janta vote for Hey Ram. The recreation of India of the Forties was highly appreciated, though some debate did take place. Well, with a star cast, including Kamal as the main character (what else!) Saket Ram, Shah Rukh as `dost' Amjad Ali Khan, Abbas in a small role as the doctor, Rani Mukerjee and `Shakalaka baby' Vasundara Das, there was little choice the readers had.

Kamal shares the Best Actor award with Mammootty for a stunning performance in Arayannangalude Veedu. Incidentally, Mammootty picks up his sixth Filmfare trophy.

After recognition in London, Rajiv Menon has also skimmed off the top honours on desi territory. Filmfare subscribers have voted his Kandukondain Kandukondain as movie of the year and him, best director.

A marathon movie that got mentioned in The Guardian, stuffed with stardust, showing Mammootty, Aishwarya Rai, Tabu, Ajit and Abbas at their histrionic best, appealed to the audience.

Others in Kollywood who have clicked this year include Jyothika who has been adjudged Best Actress, for her performance opposite Vijay in Kushi and once again, A. R. Rahman is Best Music Director. For what? How can you ask after you've listened to `Snehithiye', `September Maatham', `Pachai Nirame' and `Alaipayuthe' from the smash hit, `Alaipayuthe' starring Madhavan in his debut role and Shalini in her relaunch.

By Ramya Kannan

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