Tributes paid to Prakasam

HYDERABAD, MAY 20. Glowing tributes were paid on Sunday to the services rendered to the State and country by Tangaturi Prakasam as a lawyer, freedom fighter and the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh.

Mr. M.Satyanarayana Rao, president of the Pradesh Congress Committee, Mr. C.C.Reddy, chairman, Visu Consultants, and Dr. C.R.Naidu, DIG, community relations, and Mythri, spoke at the 44th anniversary of Prakasam organised by the Prakasam Institute of Development Studies-Trust.

A symposium on `People-Police relations' was organised to mark the anniversary. Mr. V.Vijaya Sikhamani, former MLA and chairman of the Trust, presided.

Addressing the gathering, Mr. Satyanarayana Rao called upon the youth to work towards realising the ideals of Prakasam Pantulu which were relevant even today. He decried the all-round fall in standards which had led to loss of people's faith in the system.

Mr. C.C.Reddy said that instead of blaming others for the ills of society people should try to do whatever is possible by them in bringing about a better society. He said he would shortly launch a non-government organisation that would make representatives of administration accountable for their actions. For achieving this, the NGO would file petitions in court.

Speaking on people-police relations, Dr. C.R.Naidu explained the steps being taken to achieve better community outreach programme. He said so far 5,000 Mythri Sanghams with over 2 lakh members were established under different police stations in the State. As part of the community relations programmes, traffic education for students would be taken up after the reopening of schools. Similarly, women's protection programmes would also be launched.

Prof. P.Koteshwar Rao, retired professor of S.V.University, Mr. R.C. Venkateshwarlu, retired DIG, and Mr. S.P.Ranga Rao, vice- president of the Trust, spoke.