The week ahead

ON Thursday, June 21, a dramatic total eclipse of the sun (11-59 p.m. GMT) occurs just hours after the summer solstice (7-39 a.m. GMT). This eclipse in Cancer is associated with home, security, family and feelings. A similar new moon solar eclipse occurred on June 21, 1982. It was responsible for the bull market in stocks that began that summer, a phenomenon that is being severely tested at this time. The 1982 bull market shifted people's source of "security" to the investment markets. The upcoming eclipse will challenge you to find a more meaningful and enduring source of "security". A Mercury-Jupiter conjunction in Gemini will fuel your ability to think of creative solutions.

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Queries answered

When reckoned from the girl's star, the Lord of her Rasi and that of the boy are friendly, but when looked at from boy's Rasi, they are inimical. Why?

D. Natesan, Guduvanchery

FIRST, there is Rasi match: the groom's Rasi is counted from the girl's clockwise and it is best if it exceeds 6 (but not good if it is the 8th). If we count from the groom's Rasi to the girl's, what fits according to the rule laid down, will not fit because of the change. Then we have matching by the dispositions of Rasi Lords. The Lord of girl's Rasi Kataka (Moon) is friendly towards Mercury, the Lord of Mithuna, the groom's Rasi. But if we look in reverse, the Lord of girl's Rasi, Mithuna (Mercury) is inimical towards the Lord of boy's Rasi Kataka (Moon). So, stick to the rules of matching as laid down, and avoid getting confused. Start the reckoning from the girl's Star and Rasi as clearly prescribed.

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Good Dates: June 17 upto 9 p.m.; and June 22 from 4-30 p.m. June 20 is moderately good.