Telugu Ganga water may reach Chennai in two days

HYDERABAD, MAY 8. Telugu Ganga water, which was released recently for meeting the drinking water needs of Chennai city, has completed two-thirds of its journey towards the Poondi reservoir.

On Monday evening, the sixth day since the release, water reached the 105-km point. There was no seepage or leakage. The realisation at that point was 190 cusecs while the rate at which the discharge from Kandaleru, a balancing reservoir on the canal in Nellore district, was 200 cusecs. The loss could be restricted to mere 10 cusecs, as the recent rains in the State wetted the soils.

The water is yet to cover 50 km more, and according to officials of the AP Government monitoring the flow, it may take two more days to fall into the Chennai source. It will flow for another 40-45 days carrying about 1 tmc ft of water from Kandaleru.

Although the Tamil Nadu Government has sounded the Andhra Pradesh Government for a larger quantum due to the drinking water crisis in Chennai, the supply is restricted to 1 tmc in view of the poor storage in Kandaleru. The reservoir has only 1.4 tmc ft above the ``dead storage'' (accounting for 5 tmc ft), the minimum required to push the waters into the Telugu Ganga by gravitation.

There was no trouble this time, unlike last year, at the time of the water release.