'TANSI has absolute say over land sale'

CHENNAI, AUG. 30. A State Corporation, such as the TANSI, is a `jurisdic person' having absolute say over selling and buying of any of its property, argued the Chief Minister, Ms. Jayalalithaa's counsel in `TANSI land deal cases', Mr. N. Jothi, today.

Continuing his arguments in defence of Ms. Jayalalithaa and Ms. Sasikalaa in the Madras High Court, he said the Law Department had advised the Government to entrust the possession and title of the land in question to the TANSI as required under the Government Grants Act.

Merely because the assignment, grant, lease and sale of property required Government approval, the land could not be said to be owned by the State, he maintained, adding it was just a condition under the GC Act.

Under these circumstances, the purchase of the land by the Chief Minister, that too for a fair consideration, could be neither a conspiracy nor fraudulent transaction.

There was nothing to show that Ms. Jayalalithaa and Ms. Sasikalaa had participated or abetted in the said conspiracy, nor had the trial court discussed the factor anywhere before the judgment was passed.

``When there is no evidence or lack of enough evidence, the benefit should go only to the accused and not to the prosecution'', Mr. Jothi pointed out, and sought an `honourable acquittal' of the accused. Meanwhile, before the commencement of arguments today, Mr. Justice R. Balasubramanian said the entire country was watching the case very closely. Ever since the case was posted before him, he had started receiving a large bunch of mail - both in favour of confirming the trial court verdict and acquittal of the accused.