Talk of the town

- EVERY TIME Ms. Maneka Gandhi is in town, the animal rights brigade gears up to answer tough questions.

The activists in the city are ready to receive the Union Social Justice and Empowerment Minister, who is known to pose difficult questions on what concrete action has been taken to stop cruelty to animals.

This weekend, Ms.Gandhi is on her way to join the protest fast against transportation of cattle to other states, announced by the Kanchi Sankaracharya, for Sunday.

When stopping by in the city, the Minister is inaugurating the new premises of Animal Welfare Board of India at Tiruvanmiyur on Saturday.

She is also expected to inaugurate a newly created special police cell to deal with cruelty to animals.

Manned by an inspector and a sub-inspector, the new cell will function from a building close to the Police Hospital.

- THERE IS just no saying what will sell in Chennai. Or rather, what will not sell in Chennai.

When theatre owners brought hi-fi technology to Chennai's cinema, they thought they were bringing revolution to town.

Simulated smells inside theatres to match the scenes on screen, on par with the technique some of the advanced theatres in the West, it was hoped would bring crowds rushing to the theatre.

Unfortunately, that is one ploy that did not work.

Apparently, the fact that they could smell a rose when they saw a rose and a thazhampoo when they saw one, did not appeal to the movie enthusiasts in Chennai.

With their fingers burnt over the venture, some apprehension remains about bringing more such ventures home. Chennai, it seems, is not ready for the magic.

- OVERHEARD OUTSIDE a city women's college.

Girl 1: ``Ay, pass on some water, ya''.

Girl 2: ``This is the new Bisleri bottle for five bucks. Looks cute no?''

G 1: ``You don't bring water from home nowadays, ya?''

G 2: ``We don't get Metrowater. And the well water is not very clean, no''.

G 1: ``Nothing like water, ya. Cola doesn't really help quench your thirst''.

G 2: ``Are you coming tomorrow? There's an all night rain dance''.

G 1: ``Rain dance? All night? But how do they know it would rain all night?''

G 2: ``They have sprinklers, silly. The rain is artificial''.

G 1: ``God, this city is full of paradoxes. People do not have water to drink, but there's enough water to party all night. It happens only in Chennai, ya''.

By P.Oppili, Ramya Kannan and Sudhish Kamath