Sustained effort essential for success

CHENNAI, MAY 21. Success in any enterprise is possible only if one keeps working for it without losing hope midway. Once a certain goal has been set all possible efforts must be made to realise the objective. The person undertaking the task must be fully equipped to engage in it. Further human effort must be yoked to Divine grace to ward off unforeseen obstacles that may arise. Sustained endeavour must be made after taking all these precautionary steps till the desired objective is realised. The Ramayana highlights all these aspects in the context of the search for locating Sita organised by Sugriva's simian army. They were despatched in all the directions so that there will not be any room for negligence.

Hanuman was in the group which went to the south and Sugriva gave them directions and landmarks to check their progress and Rama instructed Hanuman personally by describing Sita so that he would be able to identify Her without problem as he had not seen Her before. Sugriva gave them a month's time to conduct their search and report to him. With lot of enthusiasm they sallied forth searching and identifying the places they were told to look for and finally reached the southern sea and saw the towering Mahendra mountain.

All of them had reached there without chancing upon Sita and as the stipulated time was approaching they became scared that they had not been successful and became totally dejected. Not knowing what to do further they started discussing on the further course of action and Angada decided to end his life as he did not want to report to his father Sugriva about their failure. Hanuman who was listening to the exchange between his friends intervened and said that they should not give up hope till they had searched for Sita in all the three worlds and should give up their lives only if they failed in finding Her, like Jatayu who had died fighting Ravana, said Sri Mathivannan in his discourse.

As though by Providence the moment Hanuman uttered the name Jatayu, Sampati, the king of vultures, appeared before them and demanded, ``Who says that my truthful brother, Jatayu, is dead? There is no one in this world who can kill my strong brother.'' All of them were frightened except Hanuman who accosted him and told how he had died trying to save Sita from Ravana. Sampati grieved but was happy that Jatayu had died for a noble cause and offered to help them locate Sita. Pointing in the direction of Lanka Sampati assured them that Sita was very much there in the Ashoka grove as his keen sight could see Her and instilled hope in their hearts.