Surrealistic expressions

`DEAR FATHER Shine On Me' is the title of the exhibition of oil and poster colour paintings by C. V. Vadivelu on show at the Lalit Kala Akademi till July 22, 11 a.m. - 7 p.m. His father was in the army and he was also an artist. Perhaps that is why Vadivelu began painting even when he was only six years old. This exhibition is a tribute to his father who died recently. Vadivelu identifies his father with the Sun, because for him the Sun is the most important element of Nature. Hence the title of the show.

His large oil and acrylic paintings are surrealistic expressions incorporating elements of Nature, as well as aspects of day-to- day life such as a dog that he loved or a longing for a particular kind of life. But the finesse or lyrical sensitivity seen in his small format poster paintings on the effect of sunlight on various parts of the landscape is absent in these large works.

The poster paintings are very smoothly finished; the colours blend seamlessly, reflecting the rays of the Sun from the sky, producing myriad shades of colours, parts of hills in deep shadow often creating the needed contrast. He has managed to create a textural feeling; these parts appear like wooded areas in shadow. He says they are all purely from his imagination and that he has never bothered to sit and observe Nature. Perhaps that is why in those many paintings there is hardly a single picture with a blue sky. But the colour juxtapositions are attractive and never jarring in these poster paintings.

These are particularly interesting works for an entirely self- taught artist. There is also a drawing of his father's at the exhibition.