`Su-datta' to launch adoption centre

BANGALORE May 9. Are you one of those couples or individuals who wish to adopt a child but have no clue how to go about it? Or, are you a confused foster parent struggling to raise an adopted child?

The adoption process is replete with misconceptions. Adoptive parents often face the dilemma of rearing a child, which is not biologically theirs, and this can be a challenge.

``Su-datta'' -- Adoptive Parents Association Karnataka, here is launching an Adoption Resource Centre in Bangalore on May 18 to address problems faced by adoptive parents, adopted children and others involved in the process.

Purportedly the first of its kind in South India, the resource centre will provide answers to the infinite queries of all those touched by adoption, Saraswati S., President of ``Su-datta'', told The Hindu.

``Su-datta'', which is a support group of adoptive parents in the State, has for the past four-and-a-half years strived to promote adoption in the State and to help give every destitute child a home. At present, ``Su-datta" has about 100 members who interact with each other to unravel the hurdles of adoptive parenthood.

The idea behind setting up the resource centre was to assist adoption placements and to meet the needs of adoptive parents, including prospective adoptive parents, Dr. Saraswathi said. ```Su-datta' believes that support groups and resource centres are important assets for promoting adoption and creating awareness about the issue,'' she added.

The Adoption Resource Centre, which is located at IYC Community Centre, 1st Cross, 1st Block, R.T.Nagar, (adjacent to R.T.Nagar Post Office), will give guidance to all the stakeholders in the adoption field.``The library has material on the basics of adoption, papers presented in various conferences by experts on the adoption issue and other articles. There are books on going through with the legal formalities that the prospective parents have to undergo to adopt a child, on parenting skills, better ways to deal with a foster child, how to raise and hold an older adoptive child and other related matters,'' Dr. Saraswathi said.

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