Sri Lankan Tamil child dies of diarrhoea

RAMANATHAPURAM, MAY 7. A three-year-old Sri Lankan Tamil refugee died of diarrhoea and four other Sri Lankan Tamil refugees including three children were admitted to Rameswaram Government hospital for further treatment on Sunday.

According to police, nine families consisting of 27 Sri Lankan Tamil refugees from Thalaimannar arrived on May 5 at Nankam Theedai, 12 km from Dhanuskodi.

As the Indian Navy has set up a `forward observation post' at the `Lands end' near Dhanuskodi to monitor the movement of Sri Lankan Navy, Tamil militants and fishermen's activities along the Indo- Sri Lankan International border line, fearing arrest, 27 Sri Lankan Tamil refugees were reportedly dropped by the agents at Nankam Theedai on May 5.

They escaped under the cover of darkness.

The refugees have been put to untold hardship owing to the lack of food and even potable water for more than 30 hours.

Finally Dhanuskodi police was asked by the Indian Navy personnel to take necessary steps to rescue stranded Sri Lankan Tamil refugees.

A police team headed by Mr. Shankar, Sub-Inspector, Dhanuskodi hired a boat from the local fishermen and rescued all the 27 stranded Sri Lankan Tamil refugees on Sunday.

On seeing the children in an unconscious condition they were rushed to Rameswaram Government Hospital where Deivendaran (3), son of Mahendaran of Vavunya, died due to diarrhoea.

Four other family members of Mahendaran were admitted to hospital for treatment.