Sony launches high-end DRC range of WEGA televisions

CHENNAI, MAY 20. Sony India launched its high-end DRC (digital reality creation) WEGA colour television range here on Saturday. The products have already been launched in Mumbai, New Delhi and Hyderabad. Addressing presspersons here on the occasion, Mr. T. Anand Kumar, Zonal Manager (South), said Chennai was an important market for Sony with a large number of discerning buyers for high-end consumer electronic products. The company had plans to come out with many new products, he said.

In an otherwise sluggish Indian CTV market last year, the flat screen segment had shown positive growth. Sony India emerged as the leader in this segment by capturing a market share of 58.9 per cent with its WEGA range. The company expects to double its sales volume in the current year, thereby improving its market share further. This would be done through vigorous marketing and increased advertising.

Worldwide, Sony had led the market with its path-breaking innovations and Trinitron, WEGA and DRC were proprietary technologies that had revolutionised the television industry and set industry standards.

According to Mr. Anand Kumar, the DRC technology redefined industry standards by adding a new dimension of picture realism that presented viewers with true-to-life images richer in colour, higher in contrast and finer in detail. The DRC technology doubled the vertical scanning lines and horizontal pixel density to improve picture quality. The DRC models of FD Trinitron WEGA televisions featured a multi-function (MF) capability, he said.