Slushy roads may cause trouble to commuters this monsoon

Staff Correspondent

MANGALORE: With normal monsoon being predicted this year, people here have reasons to be happy as well as grumpy. They are happy because of the improvement in water supply and grumpy because of the prospect of commuting on slushy roads.

The perennial digging of roads has left trenches all over the city. Digging is on for more than one reason. While the telecom companies are yet to complete their work, the Karnataka Urban Infrastructure Development and Finance Corporation (KUIDFC) has started laying drainage and water pipelines under the Urban Infrastructure Programme funded by the Asian Development Bank.

According to the KUIDFC, digging will be on for another two years as 800 kilometres of pipeline for water distribution will have to be laid. But in many parts digging for laying drainage pipeline has been completed and the trenches have been sealed.

Stating that the KUIDFC has not done a quality job in filling the trenches, the former Mayor, K. Diwakar, says in his ward (Kadri) the KUIDFC has taken up work of laying drainage as well as water pipelines but trench filling work has been far from being satisfactory.

There is a gap between the road and the shoulder and it is easy for smaller vehicles to get stuck in the gap.

The gaps between the road and the shoulder are a common problem in all the wards where digging has been extensively done. In some of the small wards such as Ashok Nagar where roads are also narrower the problem appears to be acute, says corporator Kamalaksha Kundar.

He says he had complained to the city corporation several times not to allow digging during the monsoon but there was no response from the officials.

But the Mayor, Purandaradasa Kulur, points out at a directive to all departments sent by the Mangalore City Corporation not to take up digging of roads during the monsoon as it will not only result in bad roads but also spread a layer of slush on metalled roads or concrete roads.

He said there is a standing instruction not to permit digging of any sort from June 1 every year and he said he would order all drains and dug-up roads to be closed immediately.

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