Sculptor worried over his missing work

BANGALORE, AUG. 21. Sculptor Balan Nambiar is a worried man. His steel sculpture which was at a traffic island on Lavelle Road near St. Mark's Cathedral did the vanishing act a fortnight ago.

It has not been seen since early this month where it was for close to eight years. The traffic island which was being maintained by the Rotary Club of Bangalore was removed by the police, presumably to create more room for traffic on this one-way stretch.

The sculpture was installed on a specially designed granite pedestal and together it would be worth Rs. 6 lakhs, Mr. Nambiar said.

"On August 6, seeing both the sculpture and the traffic island having vanished, the secretary of the Rotary Club reported it to the inspector of Cubbon Park police station, with a copy of the complaint to the City Police Commissioner. After verifying the information, I too wrote to the commissioner," the sculptor said.

Mr. Nambiar said he met the Police Commissioner who apologised for having removed the sculpture without informing the Rotary or him but could not give a convincing answer about the whereabouts of the sculpture.

"I am shocked by the apathy of the police who think it is their birthright to wreak havoc on works of art in public places without the elementary social courtesy of either contacting their owners or seeking permission for their removal," an indignant Mr. Nambiar remarked. He is worried that persons who may not realise the value of the sculpture might have caused irreparable damage to it.