Sandeep's skills on show

CHENNAI, JULY 12. It was a long-drawn, weeding-out process that one saw from morning till late night as more than 70 bouts were conducted in a neat manner to reach the quarterfinal stage in some categories of the sixth Hotel Aadithya Federation Cup boxing championship at the Nehru Stadium here today.

It was a hectic day for the boxers and officials. In the morning, most of the bouts were decided on points and the couple of knockouts recorded were in the heavier classes.

There were some exciting contests and the guessing game continued till the end. Like in the tussle between J. Sandeep Kumar of Artillery and Santosh Kumar of India B in the light fly class. Sandeep edged out Santosh by just one point (6- 5). This was the toughest bout for the confident Artillery man, who later toyed with G. Kaleem Ahmed of Tamil Nadu A 9-4 to reach the pre- quarterfinals.

Sandeep's record is quite interesting. The junior National gold medallist has undergone training in Germany and Russia. No wonder then he stalks his rivals like a tiger and forces them to defend, as Kaleem did, with hard jabs and one-two punches. They kept coming and the Tamil Nadu pugilist was desperately throwing some punches. But Sandeep was in a punishing mood and the bout ended decisively in his favour.

However, in the morning it had not been so easy for him. Santosh was a dodger and Sandeep had to work hard. The tussle was a close one, but Sandeep, realising the desperate situation, quickly improved his attack to scrape through.

Much was expected from the C.A. Kuttappa-Janardhan Yadav bout in the light class. But Kuttappa turned out to be too smart for Yadav and outclassed his rival with a huge margin (15- 3). Harikrishnan of India Red was also quite impressive with his 10-0 victory over M. Manivannan of Tamil Nadu.

The younger brother of World Cup bronze medallist Venkatesh Devarajan, Harikrishnan is following in the footsteps of his illustrious brother. He was so quick and clean in his movements that Manivannan could not land even one clean punch.

The most impressive winners in the evening were Akhil Kumar of Haryana in the light fly class, R. Kannan of Tamil Nadu and Ramesh Singh Negi of MEG in the fly weight class.

The results:

Light fly: Md. Safdar Khan (Ind-R) beat Ramesh Singh (Chand) on pts. (11-6); J. Sandeep Kumar (Artly) beat Santhosh Sivakumar (Ind-B) 6-5; P.S. Sajith (Ker) lost to G. Kaleem Ahmed (TN-A) 11- 0; V. Rami Reddi (AP) lost to D. Kannan (Ind-Y) RSC IV R; Biswajit Mandal (CDSW) lost to Ramesh Sahare (MP) 12-2; Akhil Kumar (Har) beat K. Mohankrishnan (TN-B) RSC IV R; M. Mathivanan (RSPB) beat K. Aravind Kumar (Kar) 15-12; Abhigyan Malvia (UP) lost to Pramod Sharma (Del) 15-2; V. Durga Rao (SAAP) lost to A. Kamesh (Army) 11-6; Shambu Das (Ben) lost to M.D. Safdar Khan (Ind-R) RSC II R; J. Sandeep Kumar (Artly) beat G. Kaleem Ahmed (TN-A) 9-4.

Fly weight: J. Ravindar Kumar (Kar) lost to Sanjeev Dutta (RSPB) 10-0; P. Dinesh Kumar (Ker) lost to R. Kannan (TN-A) RSC I R; P. Rajesh Prakasam (Ind-B) beat Rajesh Upadhyay (Ben) 6-3.

Light: Vikas Bharadwaj (Chand) lost to Deepak Kumar (RSPB) RSC; C.A. Kuttappa (Army) beat Janardhan Yadav (UP) 15-3; M. Manivannan (TN-A) lost to V. Harikrishnan (Ind-R) 10-0; S.B. Tamang (AR) beat J. Krishnamurthy (S. Rly) 18- 8; C.H. Adinarayana (SAAP) beat Md. Sajid Qumar (Ben) RSC III.

Light welter: Harjang Singh (Punj) lost to Akash Korgaokar (Artly) 15-3; Narendra Singh Yadav (UP) lost to R. Rammohan (S. Rly) 45-38; Sahajada Khan (Ben) lost to V. Lenish Verghese (TN-B) 8-3; Manoj Panwar (Delhi) beat N.S.K. Kumar (Vizag) RSC III R.

Welter: Sanjay Kumar (Ind-R) beat Vinod Kumar (N. Rly) 12-9; Surendra Singh (AR) beat K. Ganapathy (S. Rly) 12-8; Subodh Kumar (Har) lost to S. Md. Rasheed (TN-A) RSC.

Light middle: A. Kumar Sharma (HP) beat G. Biju (Ker) KO II.

Middle: C. Kuppuraj (S.Rly) lost to Md. Anwar Ahamed (TN-B) RSC III R; K. Babu Rao (Army) lost to D. Sekar (N. Rly) RSC II; Deshwanth Laxman (Kar) lost to Sanjay Singh (Har) 7-4; Md. Siddique (SCR) lost to P. Sridhar (MEG) RSC I R; S.K. Thappa (AR) beat P.B. Panchal (Guj) RSC I R; Dhiraj Barodoli (Ind-B) lost to Gurmail Singh (MP) 9-7; Nehar Singh (Delhi) beat P. Prajith (Ker) RSC III R.

Light heavy: Dev Babrathkar (MP) lost to S.G. Navender (SCR) 4-3; G. Pariyar (Army) beat A.K. Sangwan (RSPB) RSC II R; Harjinder Singh (Ind-R) beat S. Gunasekaran (TN- B) RSC II R; Prabirch Pal (Ben) lost to Yadvinder Singh (MEG) 5- 4.

Heavy: S. Ramachandran (Army) lost to Jitender Singh (MEG) on pts.

Super heavy: A.C. Vijayan (Army) beat Harpreet Singh (Ind-R) RSC II; Neeraj Baniwal (Delhi) beat Maulesh K. Thakur (Guj) KO I; N. Ramesh Babu (S. Rly) lost to B. Venugopal (SAAP) disqualified; S. Darshan Selvam (Kar) beat Amrik Singh (MP) RSC II R.

Women: Light fly: C.H. Kanaga Durga (Vizag) lost to Varsha Srivastav (MP-A) on pts.

Feather: Manisha Upmanyu (MP-A) beat R. Lavanya (TN-A) RSC; Bharti Thakur (MP-B) lost to Kavita Bisht (Del) RSC II R.