Rural development schemes get major share of allocation

MANGALORE, JUNE 1. The Dakshina Kannada Zilla Panchayat has approved the annual action plan for Rs. 47.30 crore for 2004-05 at its 13th general body meeting here recently.

Of the sum, the State Government's share is Rs. 23.25 crore, while the Centre is expected to release Rs. 24.04 crore. Of this, the share of the zilla panchayat, the taluk panchayats, and the gram panchayats is Rs. 20.31 crore, Rs. 16.37 crore, and Rs. 10.61 crore, respectively.

While rural development schemes being implemented by panchayat raj bodies have received a major share of the allocation (Rs. 10.41 crore), the Women and Child Welfare Department is the next biggest beneficiary as it has been allocated Rs. 6.97 crore. Projects pertaining to water supply and cleanliness and family welfare schemes have received a proportionately higher share of allocation at Rs. 5.14 crore and Rs. 5.17 crore, respectively.

General education comprising primary and secondary education has been allocated Rs. 1.59 crore. While the zilla panchayat is expected to release Rs. 28.82 lakh, Rs. 1.27 crore will be routed through taluk panchayats. The allocation for sports and youth affairs is Rs. 12.3 lakh and that for medical and people's health Rs. 89.25 lakh. As much as Rs. 4 lakh has been earmarked for popularising the Indian system of medicine.

Of the Rs. 1.13 crore allocated to the Department of Social Welfare, the State Government will release Rs. 73.99 lakh while the rest will come from the Centre. Of this, Rs. 92.92 lakh will be allocated to the taluk panchayats while Rs. 20.63 lakh will be utilised by the zilla panchayat. The allocation for special components is Rs. 1.19 crore, while Rs. 30.22 lakh has been kept aside for schemes pertaining to welfare of backward classes and communities.

The allocations for other heads are as follows: Nutritious diet Rs. 1.96 crore, agriculture Rs. 11.83 lakh, horticulture Rs. 9.40 lakh, animal husbandry Rs. 54.68 lakh, fisheries Rs. 5.58 lakh, forestry Rs. 33 lakh, cooperation Rs. 3.49 lakh, rural development programmes Rs. 3.07 crore, land reform (rural fuel programme) Rs. 5 lakh, rural employment programmes Rs. 4.37 crore, minor irrigation department Rs. 17.75 lakh, small enterprise Rs. 3.88 lakh, sericulture Rs. 5.2 lakh, development of roads and bridges Rs. 60.97 lakh, district component plan Rs. 2.88 lakh, Girijan sub-programme Rs. 2.77 crore, handicrafts Rs. 78,000, and development of science and technology Rs. 1.5 lakh.