Research astrology

Sir, - To start with, I do not believe in astrology. But to condemn it wholesale does not speak of a scientific mind. Ayurveda was considered Mumbo Jumbo till lately by Western oriented scientists and doctors - but now its value is proved by careful experimentation and neuroscience is coming near Ayurvedic concepts. Instead of decrying astrology as superstition, why cannot Indian scientists do a controlled research project on the subject. It may take 10 to 15 years to yield results. Just as we did in Ayurveda research, the scientists can collect information from the beginning, say 50 research centres in India, request famous astrologers for their cooperation, keep the records of horoscopes and predictions (say for 2000 persons to make it statistically valid) and have a six monthly follow-up of these predictions for five and 10 years and decide whether scientifically and statistically, this science is provable and repeatable.

Instead of condemning the UGC Chairman , let the scientists start a controlled research programme about the validity and correctness of astrology. Magnetotherapy was pooh-poohed; now the influence of magnetism on the human body is proved. Let the scientists get down to business and prove one way or the other, the value of astrology.

Dr. B. Ramamurthi,