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Here, residents drink water at their own risk

WITH ALL its pretensions to being a global high-tech hub, parts of Bangalore still lack regular water supply. When they do get water, residents are only too eager to store it. Contamination of stored water is a big risk they are exposed to.

This has resulted in many enterprising companies selling drinking water in containers. Even in upmarket areas, many apartment complexes augment their supply of water by using borewells. In many buildings, the treated water and water from wells get mixed, and the residents are none too sure about the quality.

Water-borne infections, minor and major, are common.

People in many areas are enriching the private water-supply companies, not all of them certified by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).

The BIS periodically warns the public about fake BIS stamps on several products, including packaged water.

This aspect of the city life goes unnoticed until infections reach an epidemic scale. Only then is any action taken.

Fast response from agency

IT ALWAYS delights a reporter when a report filed by him/her triggers a fast reaction from the official agency concerned. Some weeks ago, this newspaper reported the travails of people in Ulsoor Bazar Street area, after a large portion of the narrow street was dug up by a utility agency.

Within a week, the trenches were filled and the street sides levelled.

Unfortunately, the surface could not be asphalted again; the early rains intervened. With the monsoon playing truant now (the weathermen are still optimistic), perhaps that part of the repair work too can be completed now.

Music amidst cacophony

A CONCERT by a Hindustani musician was organised at the wedding of Sharada, musician and daughter of the clarinet maestro Narasimhalu Vadavati, in Srirampuram.

Performing in the crowded and noisy wedding hall must have been quite a task for the musician, but he gave his best. However, not many were in the mood to enjoy the music.

Music lovers among the guests wished that they would get another chance to listen to him.

and Govind D. Belgaumkar

K. Satyamurty and Govind D. Belgaumkar

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