Reject both DMK, AIADMK: Vaiko

CHENNAI, APRIL 29. In a whistle-stop tour of the city constituencies today, the MDMK general secretary, Mr. Vaiko, urged voters to ``reject both the AIADMK and the DMK,'' as both had been tried enough and this was the time to ``give us a chance''.

Mr.Vaiko, in the same breath, was emphatic at the street-corner meetings in the various Assembly segments of South and Central Chennai, that the voters should exercise their franchise in large numbers irrespective of their ultimate preference.

``There are two major fronts, one led by a party known for its corruption and whose leader's (Ms.Jayalalitha) nomination papers have been rejected, while the DMK-led front is a casteist alliance,'' Mr.Vaiko said, adding, they were good reasons for rejecting both. ``We have no money or muscle power but we have only Anna's ideals,'' Mr. Vaiko said largely addressing the neutral voters and also eyeing the disgruntled sections in the DMK and the AIADMK, in canvassing support for the MDMK candidates.

Refuting Mr. Karunanidhi's criticism that the MDMK was trying to split the votes to ``indirectly support the AIADMK,'' Mr.Vaiko said the DMK leader was trying out this argument after he saw that the MDMK, ejected from the NDA, had evoked a ``silent sympathy'' in the people.

The MDMK leader alleged that it was a `ploy' on Mr. Karunanidhi's part to state that this would be his last election, as he really wanted to `crown' his son Mr.M.K. Stalin, Chief Minister, in the event of the DMK being returned to power.

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