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Passing the buck

Sir, — The Bangalore Mahanagara Palike has handed over contracts for sweeping streets.

When the employee of a contractor was asked to remove the stones dumped in a drain, he said it was the job of the Engineering Department.

When the engineer in charge of 1st A Main Road Chennamanakere Achkat was told about the problem, he said the Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board should act on it.

It is better to have a single authority to look into such grievances of the public.

A. Sama Rao,



Sir, — While in most countries, public property is deemed to belong to everybody, in India, it appears to belong to nobody.

This explains the large-scale vandalism one sees by way of bills, notices, advertisements and so on displayed on street names and number boards, telephone and electricity poles and even roadside trees. Steps are needed to end this menace.

One way to discourage this undesirable trend in Bangalore is levying hefty fines on those who display advertisements in such a way.

D.N. Raghavendra Rao,


Bus services

Sir, — The Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation has increased the number of buses. However, there is no strict time schedule.

The BMTC should publish the timings and the buses should be made to adhere to them.

The timings should be displayed at the bus stops also.

The drivers should be instructed to stop the buses at the bus shelter.

N.R. Murali,



Sir, — Seshadri Road is a one way and there is no need for a flyover there. For the project, the Government wants to cut trees which are about 90 years old.

Untold damage will be caused to the environment by playing with nature.

The Government is also planning to build a pedestrian subway near the State Bank of Mysore.

If proper traffic signals are provided, people can cross the roads safely. We should not waste money on such projects.

Nitin K. Shah,


Divert buses

Sir, — I thank the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation authorities for introducing a bus on the trunk route between RPC Layout and Jeevanbhimanagar via Kempe Gowda Bus Station. To cater to the needs of a large number of passengers at Maruthi Mandir area, they should divert a few buses through that area.

N. Nanjundaswamy,



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