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Looting in sale of medicines

Sir - We are constrained to bring it to your notice that the medicines are sold to the public at an exorbitant cost, with a profit margin of more than 2000 to 2500 per cent. It is simply incredible.

Most of the medicines are so priced by the leading companies through a cartel known as the Indian Pharmaceutical Alliance (IPA). This has been exposed by the National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) through a study of trade managers.

We are glad to note from the newspapers that the Minister had cautioned the pharmaceutical industry to bring down the prices, lest the medicines were included in the list of controlled drugs.

We request the Minister to effectively expand the list of controlled drugs with a firm determination that the IPA is prevented from taking the consumers for a ride.

C.M. Jeyaraam,


Citizens Voice Club,


Can condoms prevent AIDS?

Sir - Condoms have failed to an extent of 15-20% in family planning in one year, according to WHO, Government of India, medical books etc.

HIV is 1/500th smaller than sperms. If so HIV could easily infect much more in one year. If 20% is accepted in a year, in five years (5 x 20) 100% will be infected. Condoms are not 100% safe as is being advertised. There is enough scientific evidence.

In the liquor and cigarette packing there is a statutory warning "It is injurious to health" as consumers are taking the risk. Similar warning could be written in a condom packet. "The risk of AIDS continues with condoms."

M. John Iype,


Publicity stunt

Sir - I wondered on seeing Anil Meshram, Coimbatore Corporation Commissioner, coming out of a pay-and-use toilet condemning the contractor in a news report published in The Hindu dt. November 27.

Just a day before, I had to pick up a quarrel at the pay-and-use urinal at Gandhipuram Town Bus Stand when the contractor demanded Rs. 2/- against the displayed rate of Re.1.

This clearly indicates that the authorities do not take any genuine attempt to curb irregularities . These surprise visits are only for publicity in the media and also to show the public as if they are doing welfare to the public. The ground reality seems to be different.

Abdul Majeed,


Kudos to EB

Sir - My tenant in Chennai vacated my house leaving behind EB bill dues. I approached the EB office in Coimbatore for assistance. To my surprise, EB Coimbatore contacted EB Chennai and informed me to send a DD for Rs. 1,100/- to Chennai furnishing all details required.

I sent the DD to EB Chennai who informed me that the amount payable was, in fact, more. Believe it or not, the differential amount of well over Rs. 1,200/- was remitted by none other than the inspector concerned himself.

I have at once repaid the sum thanking him profusely through a letter. EB Coimbatore and Chennai richly deserve kudos!

C.K. Prem Kumar,



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