Purushotham's murder was well planned, confess the accused

HYDERABAD, NOV. 27. The four-member gang led by Khaja Nayeemuddin, which was allegedly responsible for the brutal killing of civil liberties activist, T. Purushotham, had planned the murder for three days after a perfect `recce' of the area and the victim's movements.

"Yes. We have recced the area and executed our plan on our own. There is no involvement of the police in the murder as alleged by different organisations", Bayyapu Sammi Reddy, one of the alleged killers declared while talking to newspersons in the corridors of the Police Control Room here on Monday.

Sammi Reddy and Nayeem did not mince any words in declaring that they were responsible for the murder and were very vocal in denying any role of the police in it. They also denied the charge that they made threatening telephone calls to poet Varavara Rao. "Why make telephone calls. If we wanted we would have killed. It's not our policy to make threat calls", they argued.

As TV crews jostled with each other and photographers went on clicking, the duo spoke to newsmen for over 30 minutes. Initially they were produced in the press conference addressed by the Commissioner of Police, Mr. S.R. Sukumara, Additional Commissioner, Mr. K. Aravinda Rao, and Rangareddy SP, Mr. N.V. Surendra Babu.

When reporters began shooting questions at the arrested persons, Mr. Sukumara quickly intervened to say that they will not be allowed to answer questions in the press conference hall. When reminded that it was a usual practice to make the arrested persons talk in press conferences addressed by him, Mr. Sukumara indicated that the press could talk to them outside the hall if the duo were willing. He made it clear that they shall not answer any questions in his presence.

As the police led the arrested persons out, there was a mad scramble what with every videographer and photographer rushing out. Ultimately, when the duo settled for the impromptu press conference, reporters were literally forced to listen to a long rhetoric against the ideology of the People's War Group (PWG).

Known for their `hatred' towards the PWG, Sammi Reddy, once the Karimnagar district committee secretary, and Nayeem, member of an action team which killed DIG K.S. Vyas, did not spare any word in castigating the naxalite party.

They charged that the PWG cadre were unleashing a reign of terror in Telangana districts. "The PWG does not recognise that people have a right to live. They can not even tolerate someone surrendering to the police trying to lead normal life. The PWG cadre resort to sexual harassment of women cadres." The charges went on and on. "The PWG should come out with a statement on these charges and initiate action against its cadres", Sammi Reddy argued as over two dozen reporters scribbled non-stop.

Nayeem was somewhat critical of newspapers for highlighting the killing of Purushotham. "They killed my brother in an equally brutal way. That did not make any news. Because Varavara Rao alleges that he received a threat call, it becomes news for you. It was the PWG which killed my brother Aleemuddin. The killers are now in naxalite barracks in jail", he argued vociferously.