Pro-Narmada organisation launched

AHMEDABAD, JUNE 16. A pro-Narmada dam non-political and non- government organisation to counter the campaign by the Narmada Bachao Andolan (NBA) was launched in Gujarat under the banner `Narmada Samarthan.'

The former Narmada Affairs Minister, Mr. Jaynarayan Vyas, has been appointed its convener with the president of the Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mr. Ratan Prakash Gupta, the president of the Gujarat Chamber of Agriculture, Mr. Manubhai Patel, the former chairman of the Sardar Sarovar Narmada Development Corporation, Mr. C.C. Patel, the former Minister, Mr. Sanat Mehta, and others as its members.

Talking to presspersons here on Friday, Mr. Vyas, said the organisation would not try to counter the proposed `Jal Samarpan' agitation by the NBA from July 5 against the dam project. The Supreme Court judgment in favour of the NBA might not indicate the end of impediments for implementing the project.

He said even though the Centre did not accept the report of the World Commission on Dams, of which Ms. Patkar and Mr. L.C. Jain were `unauthorised members' from India, a seminar was organised in Delhi to denounce the dam project and the apex court's verdict. The Narmada Samarthan, too, would organise a seminar supporting the project soon.

The Narmada Samarthan, besides creating public opinion through workshops and seminars, was also developing a website to inform the international intelligentsia about the good aspects of the project.