Police officials to meet in B'lore

WADI (Gulburga Dt.), JULY 20. A high-level co-ordination meeting of senior police officials of Karnataka, Goa and Andhra Pradesh, where a series of bomb blasts were set off in churches in the past two months, will be held shortly in Bangalore.

Disclosing this to presspersons here today, the Director-General of Police, Corps of Detectives (CoD), Mr. V. V. Bhaskar, said that the meeting would exchange information on the investigation of the bomb blasts and discuss ways to further strengthen co- ordination between the police teams in the three States in the investigation.

The meeting would discuss the organisations and individuals involved in the blasts and their motive in order to make the case water tight. The conspiracy angle would also be examined.

Mr. Bhaskar, accompanied by the Deputy Inspector-General of Police, CoD, Mr. Jyotiprakash Mirji, and the Superintendent of Police, Dr. Ravindranath, had gone to Hyderabad on Wednesday for a meeting with their counterparts in Andhra Pradesh. They met the Director-General of Police, Mr. H. J. Dora. ``The Andhra Pradesh police have gone on record to appreciate the co-operation extended by the Karnataka police in cracking the case,'' Mr. Bhaskar said.

While Mr. Bhaskar and Mr. Mirji arrived here from Hyderabad this afternoon, Dr. Ravindranath stayed back to collect more details.

Mr. Bhaskar said that the Deputy Inspector-General of Police from Goa, Mr. Karnal Singh, had come to Bangalore two days ago in connection with the bomb blast at a church in Vasco. After discussions with the Karnataka police officials, Mr. Singh left for Hubli today for further investigation, he said.

To a question, Mr. Bhaskar said that he proposed to visit Goa with a team of police officials from the State for consolidating the investigation. He said that the co-ordination between the police officials of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Goa was excellent and the investigation was moving in the right direction.

Mr. Mirji told a questioner that the persons who planted the bombs in the churches in Goa and Wadi had been identified. However, he declined to reveal the names of those involved since it would come in the way of the investigation. Mr. Bhaskar said that the CoD teams were questioning several people and many others were under surveillance.

He said that it was now time for them to get down to the nitty- gritty of the case and make it fool-proof so that it would stand scrutiny in court. Mr. Bhaskar said the Chief Minister, Mr. S.M. Krishna, and the Home Minister, Mr. Mallikarjun Kharge, had given the police a free hand in the investigation.

To a question about the unconfirmed reports that one of the two persons who died in the Maruti van blast in Bangalore had visited the Wadi church, both Mr. Bhaskar and Mr. Mirji declined to answer. They also refused to say whether any local people had been picked up in connection with the Wadi blast.

Earlier, Mr. Bhaskar and Mr. Mirji, accompanied by the Inspector- General of Police, Mr. B. G. Kokatnur, the Superintendent of Police, Mr. Pratap Reddy, and the Additional Superintendent of Police, Dr. C. Rajappa, visited the St. Ann's Roman Catholic Church here and inspected the two spots where the bombs exploded on June 8.