Police fire at a gang near Ilyasnagar

BANGALORE Sept. 21. Police fired six rounds at an armed gang of 15 persons to foil an attack on a real estate agent at Ilyasnagar on Saturday night. But there were no casualties.

The gang, owing allegiance to Tanveer and headed by Ajju, allegedly attacked Irfan (30), who belonged to Tanveer's rival gang, headed by Ishtiaq. When police spotted these persons attacking Irfan and opened fire, the gangsters fled the scene. Police seized some vehicles abandoned by the gangsters.

The motive for the attack was said to be an attempt by Ishtiaq gang to locate Ali, belonging to Tanveer's gang and attack him near Avalahalli. On learning about Ishtiaq gang's attempts, the Tanveer gang allegedly attacked Irfan at Ilyasnagar.

Irfan was allegedly hit on the head with a machete and was reeling in pain. The South Division police, who were moving to a place near Avalahalli on learning Ishtiaq gang's presence, learnt about the attack at Ilyasnagar on the way and swung into action.

However, the Deputy Commissioner of Police (South), Bhaskar Rao, claimed that the incident had nothing to do with Tanveer gang. The police team was moving towards Avalahalli on learning about Tanveer's presence. On the way, they fired at the gang, which comprised only "local" anti-social elements, he said. The police have identified the members of the gang and they would be arrested soon, he added.

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