PMK presents petition to Lt. Governor

PONDICHERRY, MAY 8. The MLAs belonging to the PMK in Pondy Assembly, Mr. S. Ramsingh and Mr. M. Manjini today presented a memorandum to the Lt. Governor Dr. Rajani Rai alleging several discrepancies in the Congress (I) Ministry.

The two page memorandum signed by the two legislators pointed out that ever since the inception of the new Ministry the PMK had been contending that the ministry headed by Mr. Shanmugham was illegal as Mr. Shanmugham who is not basically a member of the Assembly has been appointed as Chief Minister which is outside the ambit of the Constitution.

It is laid down in the Constitution that the strength of the Territorial Assembly should be 33 of whom thirty are elected and three nominated members. But as on date no member of the Assembly has resigned to pave the way for the election of Mr. Shanmugham.

Two months had already lapsed and the general election is due shortly and there is no possibility of a mid term poll being held to elect Mr. Shanmugham. Therefore the Assembly would have thirty four members as long as Mr. Shanmugham continued. The excess one member enjoys all the privileges and perks which are not authorised by law.

The memorandum said that a person who is not legally recognised should not take any policy decision. The MLAs alleged that the Chief Minister has been appointing persons of his own party to several jobs, issuing loans in the promise of getting support for his party and retrenching persons who were appointed in the earlier regimes.

It stated that all these vindictive actions must be stopped. The PMK MLAs appealed to the Lt. Governor to restrain Mr. Shanmugham from acting as the Chief Minister or recommend the dissolution of the Assembly for fresh elections.

A memorandum had already been submitted by the PMK in this regard and no action had been initiated so far, the MLAs said. Should there be lack of early action and if the illegal Government was permitted to continue, the PMK MLAs said they would have no alternative except to approach the President, Union Home Minister and the Election Commission.