Plea to regulate use of TV in buses

Staff Reporter

COIMBATORE: The city-based Coimbatore Consumer Cause (CCC) has appealed to the Home Secretary to evolve a policy to regulate the use of television sets in mofussil buses.

In a memorandum, the Secretary of CCC, K. Kathirmathiyon, has stated that in buses, one TV set is placed behind the driver and another one behind the windshield on the left side in the front.

While the TV set behind the driver's seat is not a cause for major concern, the one placed in the left side is found to distract the driver.

Bus operators contend that those seated on the left side cannot view the TV set if it is placed in the right alone. So they go in for two sets.

Drivers tend to get distracted at times when interesting scenes comes up on the screen.

This might prove fatal to passengers, Mr. Kathirmathiyon has stated.

Private mofussil buses are not the only violators. Nowadays even TNSTC buses on long distance routes have television sets and they attribute the decision to the interest shown by passengers.

In fact, buses with television sets enjoyed more passenger patronage than the ones without any.

Hence, television sets and audio gadgets have become a value-added service to lure more passengers, he has stated.

While one section of the passengers look forward to movies and audio in buses, another section feels that the continuous "noise" generated by these gadgets disturbs them.

A section of drivers also subscribe to this theory.

Mr. Kathirmathiyon called for a ban on use of TV sets in buses, especially the one that is placed on the left side of the driver.

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