Planetary influence

KNOW YOUR LIFE TRENDS - Indian Astrology: Prabhakar Patil; Published by Chhaya Arya on behalf of Chetana Pvt. Ltd., 34-K, Dubash Marg, Mumbai-400001. Rs. 250.

AN INCISIVE and racy analysis of the positive and negative aspects of the Ascendant in the 12 Rasis (houses) and the quality of the Bhava (house), the Lord of the Ascendant happens to occupy are presented in the form of a ready reckoner in this publication.

A quick glance at this analytical exercise in a crisp and pitchy manner should enable a reader to get an overall picture of his life pattern, inner and outer personality, financial matters, marital relations, longevity, status and lifestyle.

One of the interesting highlights is the exposition on how planets seek to introduce their positive and negative effects depending upon where they are placed at the moment of birth and how some of these effects are life-long and some others become active only during their Dasas or periods (periods and sub- periods).

The sum-up is that a planet becomes strong and gives good effects throughout the life if, at the moment of birth, the Graha is positioned in Rasis owned by him, his Moolatrikona Rasi, his exaltation Rasi, Rasis owned by his friends, Kendra Bhavas, Trikona Bhavas or is conjoined or aspected by a beneficent Graha.

On the other hand, his negative aspects prevail life-long if he is positioned at birth in Rasi of his fall (debilitation), Rasis owned by his enemies, Bhava-VI, VIII and XII or is conjoined or aspected by a malefic planet.