Sun sign Pisces (Feb. 19 to March 20)

The new moon solar eclipse in Cancer on Thursday will stir up creative reserves within you that you may not have accessed for as long as 19 years. This is a time to cultivate latent talents so that you may fully emerge into your selfhood. The Mercury- Jupiter conjunction will give you the energy to say something you have not had the energy or the courage to express until now. Perhaps it is a creative instinct buried in you for the last 19 years?

Moon in MEENA (Stars - the last quarter of Poorvabhadrapada, Uttarabhadrapada, and Revathi)

Women in careers and those connected with the arts will see clouds lift. Better times for professionals, students and sportspersons. Industrialists and contractors resolve labour problems and reach production targets. Finances will flow to advantage. It may take a herculean effort to control expenses. Be tactful with grown-up children and elders.