Pallone seeks sanctions against China

WASHINGTON, JULY 12. Citing the threat of missile cooperation between China and Pakistan to the overall stability of Asia, the Democratic Congressman from New Jersey, Mr. Frank Pallone, has announced that he would introduce a piece of legislation in the House of Representatives to impose sanctions against China for providing ballistic missile technology to Pakistan.

Mr. Pallone said he planned to sponsor a House Companion to the legislation introduced in the Senate that would require the administration to monitor Beijing's track record on the spread of nuclear weapons and to impose automatic sanctions if there was credible evidence. The Senate will now go through the motions of a debate on China's Permanent Normal Trade Relations.

Speaking about the legislation now moving through the Senate, Mr. Pallone said, ``I believe this connection is very appropriate to make. We can't afford to completely separate our commercial and security interests.'' In the wake of reports of Beijing's continued supply of missiles and missile technology to Pakistan, the Clinton administration sent a high-level team to China, but lawmakers say the response was not encouraging.

On the statement by Mr. John Holum, senior adviser to the U.S. Secretary of State on arms control, that progress had been made but the issue remained unsolved, Mr. Pallone said, ``in polite parlance of diplomacy, there is a clear indication that this issue continues to be a serious concern.''

He expressed the hope that the administration would give serious consideration to imposing sanctions on China. ``If not, there are those of us in Congress who are ready to mandate such sanctions through a piece of legislation.''