Pak. using UAVs to map infiltration routes

JAMMU, MAY 20. Pakistan has been frequently using Chinese origin `unmanned aerial vehicles' (UAVs) for mapping infiltration routes and the security set up along the international border (IB) in Jammu, according to defence sources here.

During the last six months, over 35 UAVs had been observed in different areas along the IB in Jammu, sources said. The UAVs include ASN-105 Alfa and ASN-206, which Pakistan procured from China.

The ASN-105 Alfa, which can take pictures from a height of about 3,000 m, has been used by Pakistan Army for several years, sources said. New sophisticated UAVs such as ASN- 206, having a capacity of taking pictures from a height of 5,000 to 6,000 m have been inducted.

The sources said there had been a thrust on the IB during the last six months to infiltrate more mercenaries in Jammu and Kathua districts. The UAVs were used to discover new infiltration routes, including dry river beds, bushy terrains and crop fields, traditionally used to push in mercenaries into Jammu.