Pai Layout unauthorised: Krishnarajapuram CMC

Bangalore Dec. 7. The Commissioner, Krishnarajapuram City Municipal Council, has said that Pai Layout in the area is "unauthorised'' with narrow unplanned streets.

Responding to a report in these columns on Wednesday last, the Municipal Commissioner said a number of apartment buildings had come up in the area without the approval of "any competent authority" and these multi-storey buildings had no building license and were built in violation of land use rules.

"The owners of these buildings have been found dumping building waste material in drains and on the roadsides. Laying of OFC cables by telecom companies have also contributed to the deterioration of road conditions in the Municipal area, including Pai Layout," he said.

The charge that the Municipal Council had neglected roads in the layout was "far from the truth,'' the Commissioner said. On the contrary, the work estimated at Rs. 10 lakhs was included in the Action Plan for 2003-04.

The formation and metalling of roads was carried out by the Municipal Council some time ago. Work estimated at more than Rs. 1.5 crores, including streetlights, culverts and drainage, had been completed in Pai Layout.

Residents had to pay development taxes and property taxes (under the Self-assessment Scheme) amounting to Rs. 1.50 crores but only 750 families of the 1,230 living in the layout had so far filed their property tax returns, he said.

This issue had been discussed with members of the residents welfare association and they had promised that any work would be taken up in coordination with the Municipal authorities. They had not informed the Municipal about the road repair work now being carried out on their own, he said.

"In regard to other grievances, another meeting with the residents welfare association will be convened soon,'' he added.

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