One-way rule on some important roads modified

Staff Reporter

BANGALORE: To ease traffic congestion in the central business district, the police have modified the existing one-way system on some important roads, including St. Mark's Road and Museum Road. The modified system will come into force from December 28.

According to an official press release, the stretch of St. Mark's Road from Anil Kumble Circle to SBI junction, where two-way traffic is presently allowed, has been made one-way. Vehicles will not be allowed towards SBI junction from Anil Kumble Circle. Vehicles will have to reach SBI junction through Lavelle Road and Madras Bank Road.

According to the new rule, vehicles will not be allowed to go towards SBI junction from Cash Pharmacy junction. Vehicles, which were hitherto reaching Anil Kumble Circle through Cash Pharmacy junction and SBI junction, have to now use Lavelle Road, pass through Ashirvadam junction and take a right turn on Madras Bank Road to reach Anil Kumble Circle.

Accordingly, the police have reversed the existing one-way on Museum Road, which starts at SBI junction, passes through Ashirvadam junction and ends at Shoolay Circle. Presently, vehicles are not allowed towards SBI junction from Ashirvadam junction.

According to the new rule, vehicles will be allowed towards SBI junction from Ashiravadam junction but not in the reverse direction.

Madras Bank Road, which starts from Lavelle Road and ends at SBI junction, has been made one-way. Vehicles will not be allowed towards Lavelle Road from SBI junction. The parking facility provided on a particular side on Lavelle Road, between Cathedral Church Circle and Madras Bank Road, will be shifted to the other side of the road, the release said.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic-East) M. Abdullah Saleem said the modified system would help the motorists coming from Hosur Road to reach Mahatma Gandhi Road easily, without getting struck in traffic jams.

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