On a trip at TI

THERE WERE no crowds but the night seemed to be still young. The DJ was sporting an almost bored kinda expression. Probably, he didn't know that on Saturday evenings, Cyberabadi party animals start pretty late on their unwinding trip.

As the midnight hour drew close, there appeared to be an explosion and the couples started closing in on the dance floor. The chill in the air was all but forgotten and the crowd began jiving, increasing their body temperature in a bid to do away with the rigours of the week.

Well folks, that was the `Coco Cola Saturday Night Live' show at Treasure Island. The booming speakers belting out hot numbers filled the air. The evening was packed chock-full of music as the DJ, Ryan Bech (last year's DMC champ), the Goan Dance Band and the Fire Eaters Group drove the crowds to a frenzy. The poolside at TI seemed to come alive as Ryan gave an electrifying start with a Boyzone remix to warm up the visitors.

The late start apart, the audience got into the groove soon enough and after the DJ played `Baby give it up...', he asked, "hey, guys and gals, do you wanna give it up"? And, the chorus was, "no way"! Then followed a Hinglish number that went `Deewanegiri karo' followed by a Backstreet Boys song that shot the enthusiasm levels sky high.

The sight of cute little children dancing on the floor was refreshing. Sahiti, a class one student, and her brother, Anirudh, in LKG of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan in Jubilee Hills said they found the sound too loud. Anyway, they enjoyed the night. Their father, Raghu, a realtor, said it was for the first time he was out at TI. "It's good to chill out with family and friends here," he drawled.

Among the numbers that made the gathering - young and old alike -- tap a foot or two were `Mambo number 5' (Lou Bega)... `Get over it' (Eagles)...`We don't need no education' (Pink Floyd)...and `The final countdown'. Remixes and dancing apart, the evening (rather night) gave enough kick to those who wanted to get away the week's blues.

By Suresh Krishnamoorthy