Ombudsman directive on plan for comfort stations

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM, JUNE 16. The Ombudsman For Local Self- Government has instructed the Corporation to consider a design that would be submitted free of cost regarding the construction of public comfort stations in the city.

In an order passed by the full bench of the Ombudsman, it asked the corporation to implement the plan if it was acceptable. In a statement filed before the Ombudsman, the project engineer of the Corporation had submitted that the quotation submitted by a private firm, Sulabh International, was exorbitant when compared to the PWD schedule of rates.

The petitioners led by Mr. Sumedhan had submitted before the Ombudsman that they would submit the design free of cost after consulting experienced engineers.

The proposed action plan would be to conduct surveys to find out the road user density in each area of the city and propose comfort stations accordingly.

Comfort stations would also be set-up in the vicinity of public offices frequented by large number of people. The facilities at the existing comfort stations would be upgraded.