Observations' of a rare visitor

`I HAVE heard that the fashion trends are changing in Chennai. And the conservative outlook is fast giving way to new lifestyles', was how Ms. Kitu Gidwani, a Mumbai-based fashion expert and a guru in this specialised field, described the changing fashion statements of Chennaivasis.

A world-class model, danseuse, and fashion expert, Ms. Kitu Gidwani, was in Chennai adorning the ITC cap as its consultant- cum-presenter of fashion clothing for ``Wills Sport.'' And Khader Nawaz Khan Road and Anna Nagar are the two new locations of these latest fashion statements.

Speaking on the Chennai fashion market-Ms.Gidwani is confident that this new addition would soon emerge as an international brand.

Ms.Gidwani says that she loves to make fleeting visits to Chennai. ``Recently, I was here in April for Kamal Hassan's shoot - Hindi version of Alavandhan - Abhay''.

``I was never interested in the beauty pageants like the Miss Universe or Miss World. And I never took part in the Miss India competitions. Basically, just modelling, like top branded fabrics, beauty care cosmetics, soft drinks and confectioneries''.

Ms.Gidwani, the only one in the show biz business in her family, takes pride in explaining that her brother is a whizkid in the US - working for the software giant, Microsoft. ``My dad works as the Manager of Swissair and mother was with the Hindustan Petroleum. Both of them not only were a source of encouragement for me to take to modelling and the show biz business but my dad was very aesthetic minded too'', Ms.Gidwani, said.

After schooling, Ms.Gidwani says that she opted for Commerce which was bad match - commerce and modelling. ``Since I was also acting at the same even while I was at the college, it became easier for me to take to fashion.''

Her likes: ``Jazz, Indian classical and world music. I also like latin, western classical. But I don't like pop. But I love dancing and I do go to discotheques. I am dancer and always yearning to learn the new ropes of dancing.''

And then again, ``I like travelling, food, wine and of course physical fitness.''

By T. S. Shankar