No more jarring tones!

V. S. Palaniappan

COIMBATORE: No more of the ear-piercing rriiing... tones! Let a latest movie number or a classical one greet your caller. Or let her enjoy a joke while waiting for you to pick the call.

The BPL Mobile's latest initiative, My FX-Caller Ring Tune, enables you to do all these and more.

The potential of value added services in bringing in revenue has inspired cellular companies to exploit it to the maximum. For the technically inclined, it is another avenue to explore.

Says R. Suresh Kumar, Chief Operating Officer of the BPL Mobile, Tamil Nadu: "We launched it to keep pace with the expectations of the tech-savvy."

Over 13 lakh subscribers of the BPL Mobile in the State can now subscribe to this facility for a monthly fee of Rs. 30 for activation and Rs. 15 per download.

Thirteen per cent of the BPL Mobile's revenue is from value added services and after the launch of the new facility along with other services, it is expected to go up by another 7 per cent, says Mohammed Saleem, Chief Operating Officer, South.

It is a network feature that replaces standard ring-back tones with any sound effect the subscriber chooses using a simple, multi-criteria customisation process. Both the prepaid and postpaid subscribers can assign a "My FX (CRT)" in the form of a normal ring tone, music clips, sound effects, jokes, news, personal voice or combination of these.

The subscriber can personalise the ring-back tone for all callers or different callers by dialling 666. Subscribers have the options to select songs from different languages/unique sounds for a specific time period of the day and set different ring back tones for different days of the week and different dates.

Mr. Suresh Kumar says My FX (CRT) has great potential with analysts forecasting that by 2007, 80 per cent of the mobile users in the country and Asia Pacific are likely to opt for this service.

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