No full stops

THE DUO is unstoppable. Like water gushing from a faucet, words flow from their mouths with unbelievable velocity. And their spirit seems uncorked forever. It is not some avid orators that we are talking about, but two young "mooters" from Chennai.

Meet Deepa Baburaj and G. V. Anand Bhushan, both students of the Dr. Ambedkar Government Law College. Unlike most youngsters whipsawed by confusion about their academic pursuits or career proposals, the two seem fanatically focussed on moot court competitions for now.

From inter-collegiates to national-level competitions, Deepa and Anand have bagged accolades - either solo or as a team. In fact, the latter was adjudged the best for appellate advocacy skills and knowledge of international environmental law and the Fifth Best Oralist at the Fifth Annual Stetson Environmental Law Moot Court Competition at Florida, conducted by the Stetson University. The two were judged Best Team in the First Regional Moot Court Competition conducted by the Tamil Nadu Dr. Ambedkar Law University recently.

So what exactly excites them about the competitions? "Well... at moot courts, what really counts is one's overall knowledge of Law, as so many branches of the discipline are involved. First, it is the ice-breaking session, making the client feel comfortable. Then understanding the case and satisfying the jury. Most often, sitting judges form part of the panel. Imagine arguing the case before such experienced people. But, yes, gradually you gain confidence", says Deepa, who has been adjudged Best Student Advocate and Best Lady Advocate several times.

Chipping in, Anand muses, "Over the years, strikes and other problems have tarnished the reputation of our law college. Success in all these activities, we hope will compensate for the lost name."

When asked about the female experience in the law firmament, the two retort, "No... there is no bias against women. In fact, the going is quite good for them on the campus and in the court. And with more and more women entering the portals of the law college, there are no privileges either. They are on a par with their male counterparts."

Other than moot courts, the duo is also focussed on Intellectual Properties and propose to specialise in it abroad. "We are lagging behind in Intellectual Properties," say Deepa and Anand who have presented a paper on the subject at a national seminar conducted by the Legal Department, University of Madras. Computer-savvy, the youngsters also explore the realm of cyberlaws during respite from academic schedules.

Deepa and Anand's journey into the big world of Law has begun. And they are fully charged. No batteries required, for self- motivation seems to be their watchword. And they go on with their pursuits...sans adjournments!


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