NIE programme helps students fare better

Staff Correspondent

MANGALORE: The Hindu Newspaper in Education (NIE) programme has enabled students to express themselves better in group discussions, according to Suma Devi N., teacher and coordinator of The Hindu NIE programme at the Besant High School, in the city.

The Hindu launched its NIE programme for 2005-06 here on Wednesday. The first event in the series of programmes planned for schools during this academic year was held at the Besant High School. In January, the NIE team organised a similar programme in the school.

Making her observation based on the last programme, Ms. Devi said students who took part in the programme are expressing themselves better now and are coming out boldly to participate in group discussions organised by the school.

Shoba S. Pai, facilitator of the programme, taught silent reading and building vocabularies. The programme is aimed at helping students gain in-depth knowledge of contemporary issues of relevance to them and improving their skills in various academic fields.

The objectives of the programme are assisting schools to strengthen instruction through the newspaper medium and helping students to improve their knowledge of a variety of subjects.

It is also aimed at promoting the reading habit among schoolchildren.

The seven intelligences — linguistic, logical, mathematical, spatial, bodily-kinaesthetic, musical, interpersonal and intrapersonal — described by Howard Gardner, Harvard psychologist, in his "Multiple Intelligence Theory," exist in all children and can be nurtured. The modules of the programme have been structured with the basic objective of honing these intelligences in children.

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